Western Canada needs a better deal: Project Confederation's Josh Andrus

With Alberta having such a small number of seats in Parliament, Josh Andrus tells The Gunn Show that Eastern Canada has been taking advantage of the province's natural resources to fund lavish social services.

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Following the United Kingdom's surprising decision to leave the European Union in 2016, separatists in Western Canada adopted a spinoff of “Brexit” by coining the term “Wexit”. With the first reelection of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2019, the movement began to grow in strength.

But not every Western Canadian is a separatist, and some, like those at the think tank Project Confederation, don't want to separate from the country, but rather adjust existing agreements between the provinces and the federal government.

A spokesman for the organization, Josh Andrus, joined this week's episode of The Gunn Show for a discussion on Alberta's upcoming election and how Alberta could get a better deal from the federal government.  

Telling Sheila about why Project Confederation exists and what it hopes to accomplish, Josh said:

The West has been treated like a colony where we've been essentially mined for our resource revenue to pay for large industrial projects and other luxury products in Eastern Canada — lavish social programs in Quebec being a flashpoint right now given the money we spend on equalization. So, what I realized was we needed some kind of an advocacy group to focus just on policy.

We're not a political party, we're just a non-profit think tank that focuses on bringing forward public policy that can help alleviate some of these concerns. We issued a nine-point policy proclamation in 2019, shortly after the federal Liberals were reelected that outlined nine different policy objectives that we felt the provincial government should implement.

The big three for me at this point at least were: abolishing equalization from the Constitution of Canada, unrestricted cross-country free trade for goods, services and infrastructure such as railways and pipelines, as well as some kind of electoral reform that gives the West a better say on Parliament Hill.

Follow along with all of our coverage in the run up to Alberta's election at AlbertaDecides.com.

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