Westerners think Canada is broken & can't be fixed | Dr. Dennis Modry with Sheila Gunn Reid

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In December 2020, Dr. Dennis Modry, a former heart surgeon, penned an open letter to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney as the province was beginning to tighten its COVID restrictions. Dr. Modry's letter went viral, but the lockdowns happened anyway.

Last week, Dr. Dennis Modry was back by popular demand from Rebel viewers as the guest on The Gunn Show with Sheila Gunn Reid. Because their first encounter was mostly about COVID-19, Sheila wanted to discuss another hot topic in Canada's west: the independence movement.

Dr. Modry explained how a large number of westerners feel alienated from the rest of Canada, telling Sheila that:

There is now the Maverick Party, which was formerly Wexit Canada, so there's a tremendous view by westerners that Canada is broken and can't be fixed. And there are hundreds of thousands of members — maybe millions now — who have signed on to the Wexit Canada concept, whether it be through the Maverick Party or the provincial independence parties.

So, and you look at what's happened in Saskatchewan with the development of the Buffalo Party which is an independence party... Prior to the last election they were only operational for three months, but they came very close to winning the ridings they were competing in.

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