What went on during the Emergencies Act inquiry | DAY 3 RECAP

City of Ottawa staffers comment on the decision-making process behind the city’s response to the Freedom Convoy. Plus, convoy lawyer Keith Wilson and Conservative MPs react to the Public Order Emergency Commission.

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Back in February, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act to override Canadian civil liberties in an attempt to deal with the Freedom Convoy protest. Now, a public inquiry is investigating Trudeau's decision to use this extreme measure to deal with peaceful protesters.

A mandatory requirement for invoking the Act, the Public Order Emergency Commission's role is to determine whether or not Trudeau's use of the Act was necessary and justified.

The two people testifying on day three of the inquiry were both City of Ottawa employees, city manager Steve Kanellakos and chief of staff Serge Arpin.

Rebel News also interviewed Freedom Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson, who addressed claims made by Kanellakos.

The Public Order Emergency Commission isn't the only thing happening in Ottawa, though. Members of Parliament are back at work after a week off, and I was able to speak with seven Conservative MPs to get their thoughts on the Emergencies Act inquiry.

Michael Barrett, shadow minister for ethics and government accountability for the CPC, Eric Duncan, and Ziad Aboultaif each took the time to speak to Rebel News

Barrett voiced his belief that the use of the Act was unnecessary, unjustified and did not meet the requirement for its invocation.

“The government did not properly invoke this Act,” he stated. “It’s unfortunate, it’s very consistent with what this government has done in the past.”

Barrett continued, affirming his hope that the commission will help “get transparency for Canadians.”

Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa, will testify on Oct. 18 as the commission continues.

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