Where are all the Christians in the fight for freedom in Canada?

Both Minister Laura-Lynn and Pastor Artur have been influential in Canada’s fight for religious freedom over the last two years.

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In today's report, I bring you part two of my coverage from the Vancouver stop of the popular “Let Freedom Reign Tour,” put on by Laura-Lynn Ministries. After, while making my way through a mob of Antifa-like protesters who had come to protest the Christian event, I caught some of the event speakers' messages and got a candid interview with Minister Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, and Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

With so many anti-Christian agendas running rampant in the country — such as Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) being expanded to the mentally ill, children being sexualized through books in school, or COVID-19 being used as an excuse for the government to trample Canadians' religious freedom — I thought you may be interested to know where these two religious leaders think most Christians have been in the fight for freedom in Canada.

Both Minister Laura-Lynn, and Pastor Artur have been influential in Canada’s fight for religious freedom over the last two years. Click on the full video report to hear their answer as to why so many other Christian Canadians have not been.

We were just informed of the good news about a recent legal win in which charges against Pastor Artur for feeding the homeless during lockdowns were stayed. Thanks to those of you who continue to chip in to cover Pastor Artur’s many legal expenses at SaveArtur.com, wins like this have taken place.

Unfortunately, his battle is not over. As you will also hear in this full report, Artur could face up to 10 years in prison for a passionate speech he gave at the Coutts border blockade earlier this year.

To help fund Pastor Artur’s amazing legal team so that he can continue focusing on preaching the gospel, feeding the homeless, and standing for freedom of religion, please donate what you can here

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