Whistle Stop owner goes on the offensive, files suit against province, AHS, Hinshaw

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The owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe is suing the Alberta government for violating his Charter rights through overzealous lockdown enforcement, and he needs your help to hold the health deep state accountable.

Chris Scott, the diner owner from the central Alberta town of Mirror, has had his lawyer, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law, file suit against the province, Alberta Health Services and Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw.

The suit details the numerous breaches of Scott's rights when the province harassed him for months, issued him multiple tickets and summonses, seized his gas station/restaurant/convenience store/campground, and sought court orders to close his business and restrict his right to protest the lockdown. The latter, obtained ex parte (in secret) resulted in Scott spending three days in jail for contempt after holding a 1,500 person protest against the COVID health measures.

Scott began Alberta’s restaurant rebellion against the second lockdown in January, reopening his dining room against restrictions on in-person food service. His act of defiance inspired dozens of others to do the same, and forced the Alberta government to open the economy again.

It was during the third lockdown, when Scott refused once again to close, that the property seizure, secret court order and ultimate arrest and incarceration occurred. Alberta Health Services is seeking further jail time of 21 more days for contempt of the May 6 court order that was issued by Justice Rooke in a Calgary courtroom without any prior notice given to Scott's lawyer.

Rebel News and generous donors to Fight The Fines, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund, have been supporting Scott's David and Goliath-like fight against the entire Alberta government. The government tried to ruin Chris Scott, but they did not succeed.

But now it's time to take the fight to the government, and hold everyone involved accountable for the personal and professional damage they inflicted on Scott. Someone made the decision to lock up Chris Scott for the crime of not going broke quietly enough, and they need to answer for it in a court of law.

You can see the lawsuit at the bottom of this page.

The cost of this lawsuit will be enormous. Scott and Williamson are up against the limitless resources of the Alberta government. The government has all of your money to prosecute those who stood up to the lockdown, and we've already seen how vindictive this government has been towards pastors and business owners who won't bend the knee.

However, Williamson is one of the best, and Scott has shown us time and time again that he is not one to be bullied or frightened. These two men can't take on the Alberta government without help, both moral and financial. If you are able to help us help them hold the government responsible for the decisions that were made to try to destroy Chris Scott, please donate today at www.FightTheFines.com.

Read the lawsuit for yourself:

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