'Who actually is in power?': Analyzing Joe Biden's 'incredibly disturbing' comments | Ben Weingarten

Threatening regime change in Russia, telling American soldiers they'd soon be inside Ukraine and warning Putin that the U.S. would 'respond in kind' to a chemical attack. According to Joe Biden, 'none of those things happened.'

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U.S. President Joe Biden recently made a number of troubling comments that his handlers in the administration promptly tried to walk back.

While speaking to American soldiers in Poland, Biden told the group that they'd soon be in Ukraine. Another instance saw the president threaten to “respond in kind” if Russia used chemical weapons against Ukraine. 

Biden also appeared to call for regime change in Russia, a practice the U.S. has exercised in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya in the recent past, with varying degrees of failure.

According to Biden, however, “none of the three occurred.”

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Newsweek contributor Ben Weingarten joined Ezra to offer his analysis of just what in the world is going on in the White House.

Ben told Ezra:

The White House has had to walk back the commander-in-chief's statements on issues which could lead to potentially a nuclear exchange at the end of the day. We've had a policy regarding certain issues, like China-Taiwan for example, of strategic ambiguity historically.

This is not strategic ambiguity.

This is a total lack of clarity, apparently in terms of what the commander-in-chief actually believes and seeks, what those who are his handlers actually believe and seek, and it leads to a question of: who actually is in power?

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