Who is Liz Truss and should she be trusted?

Now that Boris Johnson has officially resigned as Prime Minister of the U.K., we now have a new face of the Conservative Party in Britain, and her name is Liz Truss.

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If you rewind the clock, Liz Truss was a Liberal Democrat back in her early days of politics where she would attend various left-wing conferences and even call for the abolition or the denouncement of the monarchy. 

She had very left-wing parents when she grew up and they would attend a lot of marches and be very, very outspoken against people such as Margaret Thatcher. 

Truss is also pro global Britain. Quite the opposite to what a Brexiteer would traditionally vote for, where she announced a partnership with The World Economic Forum.  

She tweeted and hasn't taken it down yet: 

Great discussion at the World Economic Forum on fixing the international trade system as an independent trading nation.

Global Britain will work with like-minded democracies to champion free and fair trade.

It's time we had rules fit for the 21st century. 

What will this World Economic Forum affiliate bring to the table of the U.K.? What are her promises?

A few of them are: 

  • Her policy to freeze the energy prices, freeze them for 18 months. And this policy could actually cost as much as £130 billion.
  • She wants to cut taxes. And when she's announced £30 billion worth of tax cuts, including income tax and VAT.
  • She has suggested that she wants to end the ban on fracking.
  • She also plans to go ahead with drilling for gas and oil in the North Sea to help with the energy needs.

Watch the video for the full report.

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