WHO pandemic treaty 'clearly a tremendous threat': Bret Weinstein

After speaking at a protest against the World Health Organization's plan for a pandemic treaty, professor, author and podcast host Bret Weinstein tells Ezra Levant nations need to guard their sovereignty.

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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations' health body, the World Health Organization, has been working to ratify a new set of binding International Health Regulations.

The wide-ranging set of proposals could see the nations of the world cede health-care sovereignty to unelected global bodies, though disputes failed to see the final ratification of a new pandemic treaty at this year's World Health Assembly summit.

On Monday's special edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reported from the global gathering in Geneva, Switzerland, where he caught up with prominent political commentators Dr. James Lindsay and Bret Weinstein.

After Ezra remarked how changemakers are silenced through courts or social media censorship, and that dystopian predictions for the future have been coming true in recent times, Bret told Ezra giving the World Health Organization more power is "clearly a tremendous threat" to sovereignty, adding:

It's an example of what I call "surgical totalitarianism," where their information asymmetry will allow them to only meddle with people who threaten their power.

My biggest concern, actually, is the people who are orchestrating this are arrogant, and they don't understand that the world they imagine they want is not a real place. And if they attempt to create it, they will create hell not only for us but for them.

So, they are depending on us to win as much as we are, and they just don't know it. It's time for them to wise up and wake up and join humanity. Because we actually live on a tiny speck of dust in this universe, and we have to manage it collaboratively.

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