Why is Justin Trudeau so desperate for a majority?

There must be a reason why the Trudeau Liberals decided an election call was necessary, so what lies ahead in Canada's future? Andrew Chapados and Matt Brevner discuss.

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If there's one thing that most Canadians agree on, it's that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn't need to call an election. Now, just days before the election, it seems that the most likely result is a minor shuffling of seats and another minority government.

Meanwhile, governments across the country have continued to spend, racking up incredible deficits during the pandemic. No national party, aside from the People's Party, is truly talking about pulling back on government spending, though the Conservatives do claim to have a plan to balance the budget within 10 years.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts Andrew Chapados and Matt Brevner discussed the troubling status of Canada's economy, and wondered what lies ahead for Canada, given that there must be some reason Trudeau is pursuing a majority government.

Brevner wondered:

What hurricane is coming down the path for Canadians that Trudeau needs a majority government so that he can even live through it? That's what we should really be asking, if at the end of the day, if after this is all said and done, we're left with again a Trudeau minority government and a couple seat shuffling, what was it really for? 

More empty promises, more spending. Not to mention during a pandemic when he's campaigning on your kids are going to die unless they get vaccinated and we need to shut up these anti-vaxxer types. But wait, you're going to have, let's say, half the country, tens of millions of people meet in person to vote and then put themselves at risk?

What are we talking about right now? This is ridiculous. What are we really talking about right now? How do people not see they hypocrisy, the lies, the fearmongering, the division. It disgusts me.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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