Why was Joseph Bourgault ousted from the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race?

Mr. Bourgault and his team are confident that they met all requirements prior to the deadline. What they received instead was a call explaining that their bid had been deemed ineligible.

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The Conservative Party of Canada's Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) has deemed Joseph Bourgault ineligible to appear on the ballot for party’s top spot.

When we last sat down with Mr. Bourgault for an exclusive interview during his Calgary campaign stop, he had just been approved by the party after completing their extensive application and screening process.

At that time, he had a short window ahead of him to raise over $300,000 and gather 500 signatures in order to go from “approved leadership candidate” to a “fully verified candidate” who would appear on the ballot when Conservative Party of Canada members cast their votes.

Mr. Bourgault and his team are confident that they met these requirements in their entirety one day prior to the deadline, which was on April 29, and they were eagerly anticipating a formal announcement from the party that they had been verified. What they received instead, on Sunday, was a call explaining that their bid had been deemed ineligible.

The Bourgault team has sought clarification and is expecting a response from the party by Wednesday evening that clarifies the basis for the declaration of ineligibility, and we will be sure to provide you an update once that information becomes available.

The team remains hopeful that the party will revise their decision, acknowledge that all the requisites were met, and allow Mr. Bourgault to run.

Other leadership hopefuls including Joel Etienne and Grant Abraham were also deemed ineligible, prompting some to question whether the LEOC was indeed simply upholding the election rules, or if they were reverting to backroom dealings and intentional alienation of certain voices to the extent that Dr. Leslyn Lewis and Patrick Brown weighed in suggesting that the CPC should not exclude legitimate contestants.

Perhaps the LEOC’s release later today will clear up any sense of untowardness, but that remains to be seen.

As we await more details on the decision, we have also sent an email to the LEOC to provide them an opportunity to respond directly and we will be certain to share any response they may provide.

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