Will British Columbia set a new precedent for publication bans?

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Our David and Goliath-type challenge against the publication bans that a concerned B.C. father was sentenced to six months in prison for breaching could potentially result in a new legal precedent that would be a win for freedom of press.

The world watched as C.D., the B.C. father, was arrested, sent to prison, and then released on bail — all for speaking out, despite publication bans, to warn other parents about the medical transitioning of his biological daughter, A.B., without his consent.

Even though I was there in person to report on the story of international interest, and was able to interview C.D. to see how he felt just before he was arrested, my reporting has also been restricted by these bans. To make matters worse, many of the bans were filed in secret, so I couldn’t even obtain them — even though I could have been held in contempt of court for breaching them.

Through your donations at LetUsReport.com, we hired an amazing lawyer named Kyle Bienvenu.

Kyle filed an application to have the court order varied. He also detangled the publication bans and properly explained which parts apply to journalists, including Rebel News. This is something the Supreme Court of British Columbia failed to do effectively for the press in this case of global interest.

It shouldn’t be so hard and costly for a journalist to comply with court orders, and the orders also shouldn’t be granted in secret. When they are, it puts journalists at risk for losing credibility, and in the worst-case scenario, ending up behind bars themselves if deemed in contempt of court for not following them.

The good news is that even the attorney general for the courts acknowledges that these bans have not been laid out properly.

Click here for our full report, where Kyle explains what the attorney general’s position is regarding Rebel News' application, and how it’s possible our application to have these bans varied could lead to a new precedent being set that upholds the importance of freedom of the press.

While this is hopeful news, the battle is not over. Please join me in this fight by donating what you can towards our legal action at LetUsReport.com.

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