Will people comply with new COVID mandates?

As B.C. considers a new hospital face covering rule, Drea Humphrey visits a popular spot in Vancouver to inquire whether locals and tourists have had enough of COVID mandates.

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While viral claims of a fall resurgence in face mask mandates are often dismissed as conspiracy theories, the reality is that in Canada, we are already seeing a small comeback of forced masking.

On September 6, the Ottawa Hospital announced that as of September 11, everyone entering their waiting rooms and clinical areas is required to mask up.

Despite British Columbia's public health officer, Dr. Henry, recently acknowledging the value of 'doctors and nurses and health-care workers and people' seeing each other's faces, the province is currently pursuing a sweeping face mask mandate in all hospitals within the province.

B.C. was one of the last provinces to drop their face mask mandate and was the last province to drop their discriminatory vaccine passport for the general public as well.

Despite currently experiencing a critical healthcare shortage which has caused ER closures in rural areas and longer wait times for ambulances, the province still hasn’t allowed their vaccine-free healthcare workers to return to save lives.

If the return of forced masking becomes a commonplace, will other COVID restrictions soon follow? And if they do, will people play along just after things start to actually get closer to normal?

Click on the full report to listen to my interviews with locals and tourists who were enjoying the sunset without masks at Vancouver's English Bay.

If you don’t want to see a sweeping return of forced face diapers in Canada this fall, go to NoMoreMasks.ca to sign and share our petition, demanding that authorities understand that when it comes to the people’s bodily autonomy, including what to wear, no means no.

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