Would Ontarians be able to reduce their electricity consumption?

Alexa Lavoie asks residents in Toronto about the energy crisis and what they think about reducing heat.

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Currently reporting in Toronto, Alexa Lavoie questions Ontarians regarding the energy crisis.

As some people may be aware of, the Quebec government will be introducing in the near future a bill to limit the usage of electricity at certain times of the day, and to reduce the consumption of heat.

Why, one might wonder? After all, Quebec is a massive hydro electricity producer.

Hydro-Québec did not complete the planned preventive maintenance, particularly with respect to its airline inspection program. So, you will understand that with the aging of their facilities, this leads to an additional energy loss.

In order to protect this system that has been poorly maintained and neglected, it is the citizens who will still have to pay the price and make sacrifices.

People needed to comply during the pandemic in order to protect the inefficient healthcare system and now, people will need to comply to protect the lack of maintenance from Hydro-Quebec in order to save electricity.

Mr. Fitzgibbon, the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, held a press conference, mentioning the potential lack of electricity, and that Quebecers must focus on decarbonizing the economy. We know that Quebec is often the forerunner of new measures imposed to the rest of the country.

Will Ontarians want to comply with new regulations like this one? Here are the reactions of some Toronto citizens.

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