Yaniv sounds panic alarm, acts like victim, wastes more court time

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On February 19, Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv was back at the Surrey, B.C. provincial courthouse again. This time, Yaniv’s appearance was regarding a civil matter in small claims court, where a Judge Hamilton was to preside over an application that Yaniv filed last October.

The application requested that Donald Smith, a disabled independent online journalist with News Now Canada Independent Media, be ordered to refer to Yaniv using what Judge Hamilton described as “appropriate and respectful language.”

Ironically, in previous reports of ours at YanivTrial.com, we’ve shown you some of the inappropriate and disrespectful ways that Yaniv himself has spoken to Donald Smith, including making fun of him for being autistic and threatening to run him over with a vehicle.

Yaniv, who self identifies as a transgender activist, is better known for such violent outbursts and disturbing behaviours like physically assaulting not one, but two of my colleagues, David Menzies and Keean Bexte, suing immigrant women who were uncomfortable waxing his male genitalia, and allegedly engaging in lewd conduct with little girls, and more recently, with local fire department staff.

Yaniv also has a history of manipulating and abusing our court system, which you will see occurred again when you watch this full report.

In a poor attempt to try and prevent Donald Smith and his advocate Kari Simpson from being able to enter the courthouse, Yaniv and Mama Yaniv yelled baseless accusations that both Smith and Simpson were “COVID positive.”

Additionally, after the matter was adjourned, the two Yanivs set off a panic alarm on the way out of the courthouse, even though there was no threat near them. The act attracted a handful of police officers who came to the rescue of serial victimizer Yaniv, rather than to Smith's, who claims he is the real victim when it comes to his interactions with Yaniv.

It’s horrible how many resources have been wasted on Yaniv’s disturbing behaviours, and yet still, so little consequences have been handed down by the courts.

That’s why we at Rebel News continue to report on Yaniv and shed light on his pattern of destruction, which is continually enabled by a lack of justice being served. We’ve even filed our own lawsuit for the vicious assaults on Keean and David, in the hopes that justice will come sooner rather than never.

To help support us with our legal fees, and to catch up on any reports you may have missed on Yaniv, please head to YanivTrial.com.

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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