'Just Stop Oil' protesters invade track at British Grand Prix

Formula One racer, Lewis Hamilton supported the protesters by saying, 'big up to them, I love that people are fighting for the planet. So we need more people like them.'

'Just Stop Oil' protesters invade track at British Grand Prix
Twitter / JustStop_Oil
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A group of protesters invaded the track in Silverstone on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix.  

The group known as 'Just Stop Oil' wore orange t-shirts and “managed to get onto the circuit at the Wellington straight, which lies just after the first sequence of corners,” according to ESPN. 

One of the members from the group was on the circuit as a racecar drove by. 

Northamptonshire Police chief inspector Tom Thompson shared his disappointment and said that the protesters put so many lives at risk:

"I'm really disappointed that this group of people ignored our warnings prior to race day and made the incredibly dangerous decision to enter the track."

"We offered to facilitate a peaceful event at the circuit but they instead chose to put the lives of the drivers, marshals and volunteers at risk. It is incredibly disappointing that anyone would make the decision to do this."

Lewis Hamilton who is a seven-time Formula One world champion, supported the protesters by saying, “Big up to them.” 

"I didn't know what the protestors were for, so I only just found out, Hamilton said according ESPN. “I just said big up the protestors. I love that people are fighting for the planet. So we need more people like them."

Mercedes said that, “Lewis was endorsing their right to protest but not the method that they chose, which compromised their safety and that of others.” 

Hamilton clarified his thoughts and posted this on Instagram:

“As we’ve seen today, this is a very dangerous sport,” he wrote. “I wasn’t aware of the protests today, and while I’ll always support those standing up for what they believe in, it must be done safely. Please don’t jump onto our race circuits to protest, we don’t want to put you in harm’s way.” 

One of the sponsors for Formula One is Aramco, which is a Saudi-controlled oil company. Little ironic that Hamilton would say that he's all for the protesters, but his own company that pays him millions of dollars is in partnership with a company that isn't climate friendly.

In an article by Rebel News, another Formula One racer showed his support for climate change yet still being sponsored by its partnered oil company.

"As of 2020, Aramco is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue," said Sheila Gunn Reid. "In May, the state-backed company overtook Apple as the world's most valuable company after an 80% surge in profits in the first quarter of 2022, a spike caused in part by the Russian war on Ukraine."

Do these Formula One drivers really support making a difference to the climate? Or do their actions by flying on private jets and using motorized vehicles contradicts it all?

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