'Out of it': European leaders alarmed by Biden's mental decline

The White House is tightening control amid reports of the president's cognitive decline.

'Out of it': European leaders alarmed by Biden's mental decline
AP Photo/Luca Bruno
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President Joe Biden's cognitive health has become a subject of intense scrutiny following his recent debate performance and European tour. According to reports from the New York Times, those close to the president have observed an increase in incidents where Biden appears "confused or listless" or loses track of conversations.

The president's debate preparation reportedly included daily afternoon naps and late starts, never beginning work before 11 a.m., in an effort to manage his energy levels. His European trip resulted in several viral moments that raised eyebrows, including incidents at the D-Day anniversary in France and the G7 Summit in Italy.

The White House has declined to allow Dr. Kevin C. O'Connor, the president's physician, to field media questions about Biden's health. They've also refuted suggestions that the president requires evaluation for Parkinson's disease or is taking related medications, the Daily Wire reported.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley noted a visible "slowdown in the past two years" for Biden, suggesting the administration is carefully managing the president's public image. This assertion is supported by data showing Biden has given fewer interviews and press conferences than his predecessors.

European officials have reportedly expressed alarm over Biden's condition. A senior European official told The New York Times that many were "shocked" by the president's apparent cognitive decline, with some leaders taking measures to avoid potentially embarrassing situations during his visits.

The Financial Times reported that European officials are concerned about Biden's ability to complete the presidential race, adding to growing calls within the Democratic Party for a change in nomination.

As concerns mount, Biden's inner circle appears to be tightening control over his public appearances. In an unexpected development, NBC News reported that Hunter Biden, the president's son who has faced legal troubles, is now attending official White House meetings, a move that has reportedly surprised many within the administration.

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  • By David Menzies

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