Alghabra left speechless, Conservatives talk Western Canada, Health Minister pressed on ArriveCAN

“I don’t want to talk to you, you spread misinformation,” was the message conveyed by Liberal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, while Conservatives address Alberta’s relationship with Ottawa.

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Liberals often talk in the House of Commons about the environment and fighting climate change, while instituting policies that work against Western Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Liberal Labour Minister Seamus O’Reagan spoke to Rebel News about the issue, defending his party’s position on the issue by claiming climate change is affecting farmers and fishers in Atlantic provinces. “The lobsters are going away, the water is getting warmer,” he stated.

O’Regan was also pressed about the fact that Albertans feel let down by the Liberal Party, an assessment he does not agree with.

Rebel News’ William Diaz-Berthiaume also had another run in with the transport minister, Omar Alghabra, who told him he “doesn’t want to speak with [him].”

The interaction lasted close to a minute and a half, and saw Alghabra claim that Rebel News spreads misinformation, something that causes harm to Canadians. However, when asked to elaborate about what misinformation that might be, Algahbra was unable to provide a single example. 

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos was asked about whether or not he is proud of his discriminatory ArriveCAN app, and Conservative MPs addressed the broken link between Western provinces and Ottawa, with many Albertans feeling let down by the federal government.

This comes as the finish line draws near in the United Conservative Party’s race to replace outgoing Premier Jason Kenney. Danielle Smith, who is one of the favourites to secure the UCP’s leadership, spoke at length about invoking a sovereignty act. Conservative Deputy Leader Tim Uppal stated he’d like to see a copy of the act before making any comments on it, and talked about ways to restore Alberta’s relationship with Ottawa.

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