LOCKDOWN: Another Toronto institution shuts its doors permanently

A Toronto institution, Fran's Restaurant, recently closed down. Not because the business was run badly, or because the food was terrible. Rather, the Yonge-Front street location that had been open since 2010 is permanently shutting its doors because of an eviction notice from its landlord.

The co-owner explained the situation to blogTO, citing the lockdown as a reason the situation was no longer tenable. You can read the restaurant's own statement from their Instagram page here.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how the response to COVID-19 is destroying these types of local culture all across the country.

They weren't actually done in by the virus. They were done in by the politicians lockdown —  55 jobs lost, and the dreams of the owners — and the neighbourhood is lessened.

What is it about a city that gives it character? The residential neighbourhoods? Sure, I guess. But those are places where families nest with themselves. But when people want to go out — to be in the city, to feel like they are part of the larger place, the geography — they go to places with other people, they socialize, they make memories that are rooted to the geography. Restaurants are a big part of that.

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