These are the “offensive” drawings that got Dr. Seuss books banned?

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Earlier this week, the publisher of the famous Dr. Seuss children's books cancelled six of the author’s books permanently, because of imagery that the publisher says is ”hurtful and wrong.” While the company did not provide details regarding the allegedly offensive content, observers have pointed out some possible examples.

The book titled And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street displays an image with the caption “a Chinese man who eats with sticks.”

If I Ran the Zoo also contains some controversial copy:

I'll hunt in the mounts of Zomba-ma-tant, with helpers who all wear their eyes at a slant.

Watch the video and see the controversial images for yourself.

In Scrambled Eggs Super! some characters are pictured in furry coats that are alleged to represent Inuits, however, the evidence for that is limited to their dress and the following passage:

So I telegraphed north to some friends Fa-zoal, which is 10 miles or so just beyond the North Pole.

Dr. Seuss was from Springfield, Massachusetts, which may be the reason for his rather misplaced assumptions about Canada's geography.

The book McElligot's Pool includes a reference to catching “Eskimo Fish from beyond Hudson Bay” alongside an image of fish with furry hoods.

In On Beyond Zebra! a character called “Nazzim of Bazzim” is depicted with no reference to a specific race or national origin. Yet this has been labelled an example of inappropriate and hurtful imagery.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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