B.C. Christians worship together in protest of COVID religious restrictions

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When British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said “faith is not a building,” she was absolutely right.

That’s why when tyrannical governments like Communist China try to smother Christianity by doing things like removing crosses from church buildings, arresting believers for attending Zoom bible studies, or rewriting scripture to increase idolization of the government they fail and Christianity continues to grow at a rapid pace.

That’s also why in spite of the B.C. government’s ongoing restrictions, which place a disproportionate burden on houses of worship compared to secular buildings, congregations are finding a legal way to gather in Christ and worship together.

Currently, indoor worship services of any size are prohibited in B.C.

Even when the authoritarian government implemented a small variance to allow faith communities to gather for four days during holy days like Easter and Ramadan, (which they then immediately suspended) they still used their sweeping power to restrict citizens’ ability to sing in such services.

“Worship is the language for man’s soul and spirit, we’re not mad to just talk” said pastor Terrance Richmond from Love Quest Church, who was the organizer of one of the two worship-style protests I covered.

Richmond and Christian broadcaster Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson both preached at the protests at the platform of Vancouver’s Jack Poole Plaza, surrounded by full restaurant patios, where citizens did not have to worry about being fined or shamed for gathering.

Click here to watch what took place at these two protests.

Here at Rebel News, we believe freedom of religion is essential. That’s one of the reasons we’re so proud of our Fight The Fines charity.

We’ve helped provide free legal counsel to preachers who have received tyrannical fines, like pastor David Marks, or criminal charges, like street preacher Michael Ojinma, for preaching the gospel in a way the government disapproves of. But we still need your help to continue to fight for them and hundreds of other Canadians. Please donate what you can at FightTheFines.com to join that fight for freedom with us.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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