B.C. family doctors protest claims of 'spreading misinformation' from regulatory body

On Friday, over one hundred people gathered in front of BC’s College of Physicians and Surgeons office in Vancouver, to peacefully protest against the role they believe the College has played in the erosion of medical freedoms since life with COVID-19 began.

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The protest, which was organized by James Davison and Marcella Desjarlais, leaders of the pro-freedom group called Stand United BC featured family doctors under the College and a vaccine injured man named Shawn Mulldoon who lost six feet of his intestine from taking the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine.

“How many people need to die, and be maimed, and permanently disabled, and injured, before they and Health Canada acknowledge that this is a disastrously failed experiment?” asked family physician Dr. Charles Hoffe, in reference to the College’s unwavering support for COVID-19 vaccines and mandates. Dr. Hoffe was one of the first doctors to publicly speak out about adverse reactions to COVID-19 injections after he wrote a open letter to BC’s Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry that questioned how he was suppose to treat several of his patients who were experiencing neurological deficiencies shortly after being injected with the Moderna COVID-19 shot.

Like Dr. Hoffe, BC family physicians Dr. Anna Kindy, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, and Dr. Kevin Sclater who have all either received a warning letter from the College warning them against spreading “miss-information” or have been disciplined by the College said words during the protest.

Click on the full video report to hear more of the important concerns speakers raised at this protest. Despite four physicians coming together to raise such concerns, not a single legacy media camera was in sight.

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