Biden faces blowback over fistbump with Saudi Arabian leader

Republican Sen. Rand Paul, a staunch critic of the U.S. President, slammed Biden over the weekend for 'begging and bowing down' to Saudi Arabian royalty in his attempt to court the country’s leaders into increasing their oil production.

Biden faces blowback over fistbump with Saudi Arabian leader
The Guardian
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As the United States faces a looming energy and gas crisis, the U.S. President staged a trip to the Middle East in an effort to court his Gulf Arab counterparts into increasing the supply of oil and relieve some of the self-inflicted economic burdens that Biden’s Build Back Better policies have imposed upon average Americans.

Speaking on John Catsimatidis’s AM radio show on Sunday, Paul blasted Biden for his trip to the Middle East, suggesting that he should instead be travelling to oil drilling states like Texas or North Dakota to help raise the domestic production of oil.

“Rather than travelling to Saudi Arabia, [Biden] should be travelling to Texas or North Dakota, and he should be … asking our country to ramp up the supply instead of begging and bowing down to the Saudis and asking them to bump up their supply,” said Paul.

“It’s not only bad economics, but it’s embarrassing for him to be over there … begging them for more oil. I couldn’t be more opposed to what he’s doing,” Paul added, Summit News reported.

“Everything the Biden administration has done has been to reduce the supply,” the senator explained. “They’ve banished pipelines. They’ve banished drilling permits. They’ve banished drilling leases. They’ve stopped the expansion of drilling into ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), which is a portion of Alaska, which has enough oil to make us completely energy independent​,​ probably for 100 years​.”

Paul reiterated his remarks on social media, where he criticized Saudi Arabia for its disregard of human rights and Biden’s efforts to court Gulf royalty.

The Kentucky senator was not alone in his criticism of the president. Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel trashed Biden for bumping fists with the Saudi Arabian leader, writing, “Joe Biden attacks American energy workers but fist bumps Saudi Arabia.”

Conservatives were not the only ones to criticize the president, with the Washington Post’s CEO Fred Ryan condemning the fist bump in Jeddah as being “worse than a handshake — it was shameful.”

“It projected a level of intimacy and comfort that delivers to MBS the unwarranted redemption he has been desperately seeking,” said Ryan. Washington Post contributor Jamal Kashoggi was killed by Saudi operatives in October 2018.

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