Bodycam shaming? Aussie cop gets rude with mask-exempt senior

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On the latest episode of Rebel Roundup, Avi Yemini joins David Menzies to talk about his story on how a cop ticketed and harassed a grandmother for not wearing a mask due to a medical exemption.

Here's a bit of what Avi had to say:

“...if you listen to the way he was talking to her, you know he was acting like he's so calm, and she's — you know — it's about [how] she's the one acting ‘bizarrely’... when in fact he was just condescending , he was being really rude in a gentle tone.

“ know you're the one there... in the official capacity who's holding a gun, who's clearly in fear of you... what a big man... it was disgusting, it was vile, and I hope that now he's been shamed.”

This is just an excerpt from the full Rebel Roundup.

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