Canadian senator draws chilling parallels between Bill C-11 and totalitarian regimes

Like Stalin's Pravda or Hitler's book burning, the sweeping censorship bill has been widely ridiculed by critics as an Orwellian piece of legislation —and a Liberal-appointed senator agrees.

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At least one Canadian senator is drawing chilling historical parallels and similarities between censorship legislation being introduced by the Liberals and what is seen in totalitarian regimes.

It’s coming in the form of Bill C-11, a piece of legislation brought forward by the federal Liberal government that would mean sweeping regulation of internet content and censorship by the Canadian Radio-Television Corporation (CRTC).

As the first of its kind in Canada, Bill C-11 An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act, has been widely criticized as an Orwellian attempt to control the content Canadians can produce and access online. Yet it passed in the House of Commons and has now made its way to the third reading at the Canadian senate – where the only hope of squashing it is by appealing to unelected and primarily liberal-appointed senators.

This seemed hopeless, until Liberal-appointed Senator David Richards drew a chilling comparison:

“In Germany, it was called the Ministry of National Enlightenment,” he said during the third reading.

This reference draws parallels to the Reich Ministry for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment which controlled film, radio, theatre, and the press during Hitler’s reign in Nazi Germany.

Hitler utilized mass media to propagate his radical ideologies and political goals while his faithful followers burned books to ensure the purity of the state.

“Stalin again will be looking over our shoulder when we write,” furthered Canadian Senator Richards, drawing additional similarities between this bill and dictatorships.

Stalin took control of the notorious Russian publication Pravda (meaning truth), and used it as a powerful tool that eventually became the official mouthpiece of the Soviet Union and Stalin’s own dogmas.

The official ideologies of these regimes had this glaring commonality – censorship and control of all printed and produced communication with the public.

Senator Richards continued with his unsettling parallels, stating that he thinks the bill is “censorship being bundled up and sold to the public as ‘national inclusion,’” before further criticizing the legislation for “creating compliance instead of greatness,” even referring to the dystopian writings of George Orwell directly.

“Orwell said that we must resist the prison of self-censorship. This bill goes a long way to construct such a prison.”

The totalitarian society described in 1984 uses a superstate party-approved version of English referred to as “NEWSPEAK” to quell complex thought and manipulate its citizens into robotic interactions. One infamous word is the term thoughtcrime which defines any belief that questions the ruling party as a crime.

It’s exactly what appears to be currently happening to any remaining intellectual free thinker in Western society over the last decade or so – arguably prior – but has especially intensified under the COVID-19 regime.

There are medical professionals being silenced and threatened into self-censorship by their regulators like the countless doctors suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for simply upholding their oath of 'First, Do No Harm,' and providing their patients with true informed consent in the wake of the novel pharmaceutical emergency use of drugs.

Or consider free-speech advocate, psychologist, author, speaker, and academic Jordan Peterson, who is facing an onslaught of censorship mobs, and has most recently received an order from his regulator, the College of Psychologists of Ontario, in a disturbing attempt to re-educate him.

It’s a slippery slope and we’re already on it.

Will Canadian senators squash Bill C-11 as we continue on this downward spiral into an oppressive censorship abyss?

Urge them to stop this legislation at

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