An opportunity to get into the issues | Candice Malcom talks Conservative IPG debate with Ezra

On a recent edition of The Ezra Levant Show, founder of the Independent Press Gallery and Editor-In-Chief of True North, Candice Malcom joined Ezra to discuss the recently held debate for Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopefuls, hosted by the IPG.

Despite a few last minute cancellations — Dr. Leslyn Lewis withdrew due to an ear infection, Peter MacKay withdrew in solidarity” with Lewis — that saw the structure of the event change from a debate to a fireside chat, the evening still proved to be a success. 

It was going to be the big launch of the IPG and because we had all four [of the candidates], the mainstream media had to pay attention. Even if they hate us, even if they begrudge everything we do. The fact that we had the legitimacy given to us by the candidates meant that they had to cover it and they were. CPAC was going to air it, there was a couple of news stories written about it. So we were excited about that and then we got the curveball the day of.

Since the IPG is so different from the mainstream media, the questions posed to the two candidates who did show up, Derek Sloan and Erin O'Toole, were a refreshing change of pace compared to the dull, repetitive questions from the typical outlets.

For Candice, that was the best part of the night:

My favourite part of the night was the scrums afterwards because We had all these independent journalists all these young, really hungry guys asking great questions. Compare that to the stale mainstream media ones where you get the same question over and over. I think True North counted that one of the debates they were asked like twenty times about systemic racism whereas our questions, everyone had their own questions — it was really interesting and great to hear from so many different journalists.

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