Catherine McKenna used COVID sole-sourced contracts to hire consultants

Catherine McKenna used COVID sole-sourced contracts to hire consultants
The Canadian Press / Justin Tang
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While other departments are using COVID sole sourced contracts to buy PPE and hand sanitizer, Minister of Infrastructure Catherine McKenna hired consultants to provide strategic advice on how to spend infrastructure money.

The Trudeau government tabled $87 billion in spending estimates in order to cover pandemic costs. COVID sole sourced contracts, similar to CERB and other extraordinary spending, were authorized under the March 2020 COVID-19 Emergency Response Act.

Hired Under Emergency Pandemic Spending Program

Emergency spending authorizes government departments to spend money concerned with pandemic programming, without outlining an exact dollar amount for these programs.

One of the consultants hired by McKenna was Drew Fagan's Greenbrook Consulting Ltd., which oversaw the Toronto Pan Am games.

As the contract played out, Fagan wrote op-eds in The Globe and Mail and The Hill supporting the Liberal Party of Canada, without disclosing his $100,000 COVID contract.

Other Departments Spent on PPE, Technology Upgrades

The information comes as a result of an order paper question from Conservative Party MP Kelly McCauley (Edmonton West), who asked for all federal departments to return a description of their sole-sourced COVID spending from March 13, 2020 to November 25, 2020.

You can read all of the English language responses below to see how other departments chose to spend their COVID money.

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