CBC says this Manitoba hospital is OVERWHELMED by COVID – is it really? Keean Bexte investigates

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Signs demanding “no photography” and “no video recording" lined the entryways to the local hospital in Steinbach, Manitoba which the CBC just published a tear-jerking story on.

The CBC’s spinsters told readers that the Bethesda Health Centre in Steinbach was overflowing with patients. According to them, sick people were being triaged in nurse's cars and emergency rooms were packed.

So, we went to observe the chaos.  But we found nothing but an empty patient parking lot and signs saying not to record anything. 

Obviously, that didn’t stop us. 

According to Manitoba's official numbers, the day we showed up on location, there were just five COVID patients per hospital in the province. Hardly overwhelming. 

But that hasn’t stopped allegedly-conservative Premier Brian Pallister from instituting the strictest COVID oppression in the entire country — he even went on CBC to brag about that fact!

Christmas is all but cancelled. Shopping for anything non-essential is impossible, unless you sneak your Christmas cards through a self-serve kiosk like I did. 

Brian Pallister is revelling in his new-found power and notoriety, for better or worse. For reasons that are not hard to guess, it seems like Pallister is purposely inflating the perceived risk and spread of the virus in his province in an attempt to give himself more authority over the lives of Manitobans. 

Why do you think that could be?

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