CBC's mysterious silence over an anti-semite funded by Trudeau's gov't

Would the CBC be as quiet if a Conservative government was funding so-called anti-racists who hold anti-semitic views?

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Have you heard of Laith Marouf? Astute Rebel News viewers likely have, given we reported on the government pulling funding to the Community Media Advocacy Centre, a group which counts Marouf as a senior consultant.

But if you've been following the state broadcaster's news, you likely never would have heard this name. Nevertheless, after backlash began surfacing online, both from critics of the Liberal government and even from those within the party, the federal government's funding to the Community Media Advocacy Centre was pulled.

On Wednesday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant returned to hosting duties and weighed in on the mystery as to why the CBC hadn't given the story much attention. Referring to the search function on CBC's website, Ezra said:

Marouf itself is a very rare name, so typing in ‘Marouf’ would capture it, wouldn't it? The CBC has used the word nine times in its history, but never about Laith Marouf and never in the last month, have they? They just have not.


Go to Google, and just literally type in the same word: M-a-r-o-u-f. Just type it. And look at those four things that pop up.

After listing off outlets like the National Post, True North, National Observer and the Guardian that showed up, one story from the CBC did manage to make its way into the rankings. 

Isn't that funny, because it doesn't show up on their search engines. This is the only example — you saw me search on the CBC website. Look at this, they actually had one in but they blocked it from their own internal website. Isn't that amazing? You can not search for this story on the CBC's website.

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