China's asymmetric war against the West | Gordon Chang with Ezra Levant

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show one of the most sought after scholars on China, Gordon G. Chang, joined Ezra to discuss the very peculiar story of mysterious seeds from China showing up, unsolicited, to people all across the world.


Gordon has just written about the issue for the Gatestone Institute. He outlined the seed mystery, telling Ezra:

These seeds, we don't know what's going on here, but this is a global issue because it's gone to all 50 states, gone to Canada, [and also] Europe, the UK has got them, Japan [too]. There's mystery soil in addition to the mystery seeds  someone in Taiwan got soil from China unsolicited.

Many people think that this is a "brushing scam" where people are sent goods unsolicited and then others write fake online reviews in order to boost popularity. But there's really no evidence that this is brushing, so we've got to be very concerned.

Some of these seeds have purple coatings. Could be insecticide, fungicide. Who knows what those coatings are. But we've all got to be concerned that this can really cause great damage to the recipient countries.

Of course, these strange seeds aren't the only thing potentially being used by China as a means of conducting asymmetric warfare against the West. The number two most downloaded app in the world, TikTok, has been talked very seriously about being banned by US President Trump. 

The biggest issue with TikTok, Gordon explained, is this:

There's one reason the administration doesn't give for banning TikTok, but I think it's the most fundamental one of all: American apps are not allowed in China, so why are Chinese apps allowed in the US? This is an issue of reciprocity and fairness, and for this reason alone I think the president is right to ban TikTok.

For more from Gordon, be sure to follow him on Twitter: @GordonGChang.

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