Chris Sky challenges Canada's new travel restrictions

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Just hours before new air travel regulations went into effect on Monday (i.e., international arrivals to Canada now face at least a three-day stay at L’hotel Quarantine, for which they must fork over $2,000 of their own cash), Chris Sky landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport from Istanbul, Turkey, on Sunday night. Would the flamboyant anti-lockdown activist (or “common nuisance” in the eyes of the authorities) wear a mask and get in line to take a mandatory COVID test?

Alas, the odds of those two things happening would likely have made even the most reckless gambler cringe…

And really, we can’t blame anyone for not taking that test. On Sunday night at Pearson, the line to get tested resembled the queue for the Leviathan rollercoaster at Canada’s Wonderland on Dominion Day. Some people were waiting in a serpentine-like line for a nostril scrub for more than 90 minutes — which of course, is precisely the sort of activity one wants to endure after deplaning from an 11-hour flight.

(Note: I know it might be hard to believe that a program being run by the federal government could be labelled as inefficient, but, incredibly, such is the case at Pearson. And although we keep calling the 1-800 quarantine hotel hotline for information regarding the program, our calls keep getting disconnected before ever connecting with a human being. Awesome.)

In any event, after touching down from the not-so-Friendly Skies, Chris Sky was defiant in terms of masking up and submitting to a COVID test. And so it was that he was actually successful in skipping that brutal lineup, by receiving an escort from three fine members of the Peel Regional Police, directly to the terminal exit.

Alas, Chris did receive a most unwelcome parting gift in the form of a $880 ticket, but this only made him chuckle. Chris has been served with many such tickets, and he is clamouring for his day in court, as he is quite confident these fines will be dismissed on the grounds that these tickets are unconstitutional.

And Chris Sky vows that, much to the chagrin of the authorities and law enforcement, he’s not going away anytime soon, as the lockdowns continue. Thus, one can only ponder: what will Mr. Sky do for an encore?

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