Christian parents' votes discarded in Edmonton school board hijacking

Outrage erupts as progressive push discards votes by concerned parents and church members at Edmonton Christian Schools AGM.

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It is no secret that progressives, in true Marxist fashion, want to groom children. They may deny it, but the simple reality of the matter is that left-leaning politicians and pundits alike are openly campaigning for parents to be excluded from sensitive gender and sexuality-focused conversations. They would like educators with no legal rights to be able to keep secrets with kids.

Their efforts to infiltrate education started of subtly; they used words like tolerance and inclusion, who could argue with that? Before you knew it Crucifixes and bibles were out of public schools, seemingly replaced with drag queens and pornographic literature.

Thankfully some places, like Alberta, have alternatives, like charters schools or publicly-funded separate school systems. These alternatives tend to yield better academic results, save taxpayers money, and most importantly affirm parents’ rights to choose what kind of education their children will receive and what they will and will not be exposed to.

Progressives don’t like these alternatives. In Alberta, NDP MLAs frequently push for all schools to be brought under public control (ideological or otherwise) and for funding to be cut for any schools that refuse.

Beyond this, there are also the internal maneuverings of board politics within schools, and sometimes activists seek to influence school board policies, at times against the interest of parents, by becoming active in school board politics.

At a recent Edmonton Christian School annual general meeting, a group of concerned parents, fearing that progressive ideologues were beginning to shift their schools away from its foundational Christian tenets, organized to submit roughly 1,000 absentee ballots to elect a board that would stand up for the values they want passed along to their children.

Numerous parties have reported that during the AGM, a group counter-organized with hopes of advancing their own, more progressive, candidates and policies. Despite their efforts, they could not muster more votes than the 1,000 absentee ballots already complete, and so instead of accepting defeat they began arguing for the votes to be invalidated because new candidates had been nominated since the absentee ballots were cast, despite the board reportedly already having decided this was not an issue.

The chair of the AGM rejected the call for the votes to be cast aside, but then endured what has been described as bullying to the extent that she was eventually overwhelmed and allowed for the votes of the thousand concerned Christian parent to count for nothing.

Needless to say, valid absentee votes being cast aside is an undemocratic affront to due process, and the parents who took time to vote via absentee ballot being rendered voiceless by an aggressive crowd has many extremely concerned.

Rebel News was fortunate to be joined by, Raegan Skauge, a co-leader from Stand for Edmonton Christian Schools who attended the AGM, to explain exactly what happened, to discuss the concern and disappointment of parents whose votes were effectively erased, and to share about efforts to see this matter rectified through legal action.

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