Citizens can’t take politicians to court over vaccine mandates

Learning the law by yourself online and then trying to battle the federal or provincial government isn't likely going to lead to positive results.

Citizens can’t take politicians to court over vaccine mandates
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With the continuation of sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates both at the provincial and federal levels, as well as in the private sector, a rise in legal battles has also occurred.

Some of these battles are legitimate and have legal standing. Others, not so much.

Upon seeing the rise of these legal efforts, Rebel News has tried to bring awareness to the dangers of some non-viable claims being made (which we call ‘‘homemade lawyering’’) over the course of several videos and interviews.

Is Rebel just a Debbie Downer trying to discourage people who need hope?

Au contraire.

In fact, we want citizens to avoid false hope — and save money and time — if their case is not likely to win, to avoid scenarios like the following.

Blacklock's Reporter recently reported on an Ontario citizen who attempted to file a lawsuit against Premier Doug Ford on Dec.17, 2021. This lawsuit claimed Ford was “criminally liable for pandemic management”, citing section 504 of the Criminal Code.

This did not, unfortunately, yield the plaintiff positive results. Nor did it set the kind of precedence that his personal research led him to believe.

Instead, Justice Charles Hackland, upon reviewing the case, stated: “There are no legal grounds to permit private prosecutions to go forward,” even adding that the claim was “manifestly frivolous and vexatious.”

Davoud Tohidy, the plaintiff in the case, made many lengthy arguments in his submission, but in a nutshell he accused Premier Ford of collusion with organizations such as the World Health Organization, pharmaceutical companies, Communist China and others in a plan to create a “New World Order’’.

Now, there is certainly a nuanced discussion to be had on the shady dealings of many organizations and public figures in all the COVID-19 madness — especially the Chinese Communist Party.

But all of that aside, an important fact remains: The specific claim and criminal charges against Doug Ford in this case don’t hold weight.

Love it or hate it, agree or disagree, such legal limits exist in Canada and can’t simply be ignored or circumvented, nor wished away by exciting-sounding plights for justice.

This is why Rebel News partners with The Democracy Fund (TDF), taking on all manners of legal issues pertaining to the handling of COVID-19.

It started with fighting the fines of those who did not comply with public health policy (the wins in that field continue to roll in) and now has expanded into other claims, including vaccine mandates.

TDF builds strong cases, based on a diligent screening process. If they create cases based on emotional whims or a hope and a prayer, they waste the time of the clients and lawyers, and it does nothing for morale in general.

Certainly, lawfare has a massive role to play in this battle for our basic rights and freedoms. However, it is vital to be prudent in these times.

Lawsuits with no chance of winning serve only to waste resources and demoralize the populace. It is a waste of time to climb trees that will end up yielding no fruit.

If something in the legal realm sounds too good to be true, well, it probably is.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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