“Communism means only one thing: misery” | Cubans rally for freedom in Edmonton

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Friday night, Edmonton's Cuban community and their allies headed to the Alberta Legislature grounds to demand an end to the Communist regime strangling the island nation.

The protesters, led by Miguel Ramos, a Cuban immigrant who has been in Canada for four years, chanted for Cuba to be released from over six decades of Communist rule, in favour of free speech, religious liberty, capitalism and democracy. Several speakers also called for the Canadian government to impose sanctions against Cuba, in the same vein as those levied against Venezuela. Some wanted a formal denouncement of the Cuban government by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose family had a long friendship with now deceased Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

The protesters repeatedly made it a point — despite reports in many mainstream media outlets and tweets from Biden administration officials suggesting that the uprisings are about vaccines and the decades-long American embargo — to articulate the real reason for the ongoing protests in Cuba. The people want freedom.

The Cuban community at the legislature was joined by Belarusian expats and Peruvians, who also want an end to communist tyranny in their own countries.

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