Conservative politicians are all talk, no action on GraceLife Church shutdown

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The RCMP, at the behest of Alberta Health Services, enforced a shut down order on GraceLife Church this week. Fencing has gone up around the property, a tarp has been placed on the building and a portable bathroom has even been brought to the location.

All signs that the officers won't be leaving any time soon, in a situation reminiscent of what happened to Adamson Barbecue in Toronto when its owner tried to reopen for indoor dining.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra wonder what, exactly, are Alberta's politicians are doing about this.

Referring to one MLA who released a video offering his support for the church, Ezra said:

Great, I'm glad he did it. He's literally the only MLA in Alberta I have seen who spoke out for the church — sort of, that is.

Did he call for the troops to leave there? Where was he when the pastor was jailed? Why is he recording the video at the legislature, why didn't he just drive the 15 minutes down to the church property itself? I'm not saying break into the church property, stand on the road.

Why not?

And what was the “or else” part? What was his plan? Or is the plan just to do a little video, accept lots of kudos for being very, very brave and edgy and then going back to sleep?

Hey, can I ask you a question? Can you name a single way the so-called Conservative Party's treatment of this church is any different from how the NDP would've treated it, were they in office?

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