Councillor Dan McLean composts Calgary's single-use bylaw

After leading the charge to put Calgary's single-use bylaw in the trash, Councillor Dan McLean joins Rebel reporter Adam Soos to look at the next steps to removing this burdensome bylaw for good.

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Calgary Ward 13 Councillor Dan McLean is one of a handful of common-sense municipal representatives who, on a regular basis, find themselves pushing back against excessive spending and ideologically driven leftist policies and bylaws.

This time, McLean found himself leading the charge against a wildly unpopular single-use bylaw that saw both business and consumers calling for the bylaw to be… composted. You can learn more about the bylaw and why people are so displeased with it by reading my latest on the topic by cliking here or watching below:

Despite the staggering backlash this bylaw faces, likely one-term activist Mayor Jyoti Gondek and her usual progressive cohorts voted against a motion to repeal the bylaw.

Fortunately, enough councillors listened to their constituents and the vote to repeal passed by the narrowest of margins, 8-7. So the bemoaned bylaw is likely as good as gone, but it is not going to vanish overnight, meaning Calgarians will unfortunately likely be waiting until summer to be rid of it.

You may also be interested in my recent exclusive interview with Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Protected Areas Rebecca Schulz, in which she discusses Calgary’s single-use bylaw in addition to federal plastic bans, emissions caps and EVs.

Rebel News joined Councillor McLean for an interview, and he made clear that he opposed the single-use bylaw from the onset. We asked him what foresight went into the bylaw and whether people were consulted before implementing this bizarre strategy. In light of the federal plastic ban being deemed unconstitutional and unreasonable, we also asked if those supporting the law gave any thought to the federal ruling having any baring on the municipal matter.

We asked why politicians like Mayor Jyoti Gondek or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seem indifferent to plummeting polls and voter backlash, and whether their unwillingness to represent the people who elected them reveals a lack of genuine representation in public office.

Councillor McLean expanded upon his concerns over the bylaw being ineffective, inconvenient and unsanitary, in addition to discussing how the last thing that people who are barely paying their bills needs is additional costs for bags… especially considering the property tax hikes the city of Calgary just imposed, all while councillors (other than McLean) voted to give themselves raises.

We want to thank Councillor Dan McLean for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with us. I would also like to extend an invitation to Mayor Jyoti Gondek to join us for an interview where she can share her position on this bylaw and on other critical matters facing the city, and answer some tough-but-fair questions that many Calgarians are asking.

If you count yourself among the Canadians who are just trying to get by and who can’t afford another carbon tax, plastic levy, gas surcharge or whatever else radical progressives may come up with, please sign out petition at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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