COVID-19 medical silencing with Dr. Hodkinson

Adam Soos joined Dr. Roger Hodkinson to discuss the breakdown of the doctor-patient relationship, and his concern over the troubling realization that 'the government is your new doctor'

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The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada have traditionally filled the role of upholding the standards of the medical profession and safeguarding against medical malpractice and unprofessional conduct. With the onset of COVID-19 restrictions and increased pressures for unelected health officials and politicians alike, these colleges shifted towards enforcing the governments pandemic response instead of upholding the long-standing traditions of the medical practice.

Dr. Hodkinson, a clinical pathologist with medical degrees from Cambridge University and decades of medical experience, has been one of the prominent medical voices decrying the politicization of the medical profession as a result of COVID-19. Two central tenets of medicine which Doctor Hodkinson feels have been trampled are that doctors should do no harm and that patients deserve to have all the information so that they are able to give informed consent before any medical procedure. The doctors seeking to provide the best care for their patients are often being silenced and the readily available evidence is often being ignored.

The stifling of diverse medical opinions isn’t a rare occurrence either. I spoke with Dr. Daniel Nagase, another of the outspoken doctor’s calling out the degradation of health care as a result of COVID-19 mandates, at a rally some time ago and he echoed the same concerns. We also spoke with a family whose eight-year-old daughter with sensory issue was kicked out of school for not wearing a mask when her doctor was afraid she may be professionally reprimanded for simply renewing an already issued medical note.

I joined Dr. Hodkinson last weekend to discuss the breakdown of the doctor-patient relationship, and his concern over the troubling realization that “the government is your new doctor”.

Government overreach has been glaring these past two years, and nowhere more apparently than with the vaccine mandates that have been enforced seemingly without concern over the charter rights they carelessly tread upon.

That is why The Democracy Fund has been fighting back in court against vaccine passports. Thanks to your generous tax-receipt eligible donations at These unCanadian mandates with no go unchallenged, if you haven’t already, consider chipping in today.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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