CSIS: China is recruiting Canadian scientists

CSIS: China is recruiting Canadian scientists

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is sounding the alarm over alleged Beijing attempts to recruit Canadian scientists.

The Federal security agency has warned that China is utilizing a scientific sponsorship program with operates with the purported goals of gaining access to international research efforts for the purposes of economically and militaristically benefiting China. The Thousand Talents Plan has widely been regarded as an effort by Beijing to steal international intellectual property.

Rebel News has previously reported on the Thousand Talents Plan after it was called into question by U.S scientists and the FBI who described the program as headhunting foreign scientists and having them “sign legally binding contracts with Chinese institutions.”

It goes on to state that “the contracts can incentivize members to lie on [US] grant applications, set up ‘shadow labs’ in China ... and, in some cases, transfer U.S. scientists’ hard-earned intellectual capital.”

In January, the former chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department was arrested after lying about his involvement with the Thousand Talents Plan. Dr. Charles Leiber was charged with making false statements to law enforcement after receiving millions from Beijing to establish a research lab in Wuhan.

Leiber was paid $50,000 per month and one million Chinese Yuan in living expenses in exchange for working for China “not less than nine months per year” within the Thousand Talents Plan project.