David Menzies tells the Infowars audience about 'transanity' in Canada

'Once upon a time, I think that would get you arrested. Now, again, it's a celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion,' Menzies told Ezra Levant.

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Yesterday, Rebel News boss Ezra Levant had the opportunity to fill in as the guest host of The Alex Jones Show on Infowars. In addition to his hosting duties, Ezra was joined by a pair of Rebels for guest appearances on the show.

During her appearance, Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid discussed Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying program, which can be seen here. Mission Specialist David Menzies, meanwhile, told The Alex Jones Show audience about the 'transanity' that is popping up all across Canada.

To see Ezra's appearance on The Alex Jones Show, watch last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

Telling Ezra about the infamous "trans" woman on the rugby field, Ash Davis, who was formerly named the men's hardest hitter, and a 50-year-old man who competed in a swimming contest against 13-year-old girls.

Discussing the latter incident, David said:

Maybe this is not just about getting in the pool to compete with people of the opposite gender, maybe this is about changing and showering with, in this case, minors of the opposite gender. Once upon a time, I think that would get you arrested. Now, again, it's a celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion.

And by the way Ezra, we cannot get a straight answer from any of the authorities, any of the people that ran the club meet, whether this person got into the changeroom with these 13- and 14-year-old girls and got to get naked with them in terms of changing and showering, which I think is absolutely despicable.

And, while you're here, please sign the petition on this page to demand our elected leaders take action to protect our kids. You can also use the form there to send an email directly to Canada's Ministers of Education demanding they intervene to stop this madness.

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