TDF lawyers threatened with arrest by the Ottawa Police — but wouldn't be stopped!

During the Canada Day protests occurring on Wellington Street, two lawyers from The Democracy Fund were standing peacefully and informing citizens about their rights… until the Ottawa Police decided it was too much.

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Adam Blake-Gallipeau and Mark Joseph are two civil rights lawyers that work with the non-profit organization The Democracy Fund (TDF). Their role is to defend the civil rights of Canadians, as well as their constitutional freedoms. 

While protests were occurring on Canada Day, multiple individuals were unlawfully arrested. For instance, the police gave a fine of over $1,000 to a man who simply wrote “Free Tamara Lich” on the ground with chalk, cornstarch, and water.

As previously reported by Rebel News, the police would not allow the lawyers to have their banner at the event. 

After doing some 'lawyering' with the Ottawa Police, the TDF lawyers were able to determine that as long as the banner doesn't touch the ground, they could carry it. 

This is not the first time that TDF has sent lawyers to Ottawa. During the winter's Freedom Convoy protests, TDF frequently had a team of lawyers in various cities in Ontario monitoring the peaceful protests. 

In fact, just this past week TDF was granted standing to appear during the Public Order Emergency Commission

After being asked to leave or to move, since a still sign was too much of a distraction for Ottawa citizens, according to the police, Blake-Gallipeau and Joseph decided to start walking around with their sign. 

This attracted more people and caught the attention of more individuals. 

“We were told that we have 5 minutes to move our sign,” Blake-Gallipeau told Rebel News. “We are going to lift it up, we are going to move it, we’re going to keep it on our shoes so that it doesn’t touch the ground.”

Hours later, TDF departed to go back to Toronto and help fight for people who had their civil rights infringed upon during the Canada Day weekend.

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