Heartbreaking! Dog Rescue reacts to 'pandemic pets' being surrendered

'When we get a surrender in, they're dragging our staff to the parking lot or the area they last saw their owner,' said the Kennel Manager for Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. 'It's really terrible.'

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With people returning to work after COVID restrictions have changed, owners have been surrendering their 'pandemic pets’ at shelters and rescue homes.

Cassandra is the Kennel Manager at Dog Tails Rescue and Sanctuary and she said that they’ve been getting double, if not triple the amount of surrender applications per month. 

So went from like 50-ish per month, like a few years ago to about 200 a month. So it's been really overwhelming ever since kind of COVID and everything got back to normal. 

Dogs also face possible anxiety whenever they are separated from their owners – imagine the feeling when they are torn away forever and put into a shelter or rescue. 

“It's really terrible, Cassandra said. “All the dog wants is their person, right? Like usually when we get a surrender in, they're dragging our staff to the parking lot or the area they last saw their owner. That usually dies down as they go each time and see they're not there.” 

Check out this article posted on Rebel News, it talks more on Animal Services in Toronto, and pet owners who have chosen to keep their pets post pandemic. 

We walked around and noticed that this non-profit organization also has farm animals, including many horses who had been rescued from auction.

It was very heartbreaking seeing the animals inside, however Dog Tales seemed to have volunteers and staff members taking care of the animals, and taking the time to help train them too.

A staff member said to owners watching that it's very difficult to surrender a dog:

You can change your life to help them so that they don't have to come to a shelter, because it's a really hard place for them to be. And I guarantee they much rather be with you.

If anyone would like more information on the facility at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, please click here.

Watch the full report for more details.

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