Dr. James Lindsay on radical gender ideology and the social credit mafia

Returning to Alberta, Dr. James Lindsay discussed the intrusion of progressive gender ideology into the educational sphere and the attack on parental rights.

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Rebel News was on location in Calgary, as Dr. James Lindsay was in town for a stop on his Parental Rights speaking tour in Alberta. Dr. Lindsay is an author, academic and speaker who gained notoriety for publishing hoax articles to academic journals mocking their ideological bents and lack of intellectual scrutiny.

Last time he was in Calgary, Dr. Lindsay faced down cancel culture, including numerous efforts to cancel his speaking event, where he spoke to a sold-out crowd. You can watch out coverage of that event, including an exclusive interview with Dr. Lindsay, by clicking here.

This time around, he was set to speak about the intrusion of progressive gender ideology into the educational sphere and to discuss the attack on parental rights.

We discussed who was behind the push of cultural Marxism in society, particularly within the sphere of education, and explored whether monetary or ideological factors serve as principal motivations.

Dr. Lindsay also weighed in on whether activists, politicians, unions and academics pushing radical gender ideology really believe the ideas they are advancing will benefit society, or if they are knowingly participating in the subversion of society and gender norms as part of a destructive Marxist coup.

We also asked to what extent the non-professional activists, whether they be Antifa agitators, teachers, or pro-LGBT moms who “just happen” to have three trans kids, are earnestly embracing these ideologies.

We also tackled the end goals of Marxist progressives, and Dr. Lindsay offered some suggestions of what Albertans need to do to ensure the current government's affirmation of parental rights is here to stay — and beyond that, inspires other provinces and states to also affirm parental rights.

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