Erin O'Toole pushing climate issues, but polls show voters don't care

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Last week, Erin O'Toole declared that the “debate is over” on climate change. The following day, a majority of Conservative Party members rejected their party leader's notion when they blocked a motion to add “climate change is real” to the party's official policy.

The in-fighting between the leader and party members is a self-inflicted wound that O'Toole has caused. According to a large survey conducted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pollsters showed that, currently, climate issues are back of mind for most Canadians.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained how this push for a shift in climate policy among the party sure seems like a losing strategy for O'Toole and the Conservative Party.

Erin O'Toole has decided to go fishing for votes not where the fish are — not in the 32 per cent who say the pandemic is [the] number one [issue]. Not in the 11 per cent who worry about health care in general, not the 17 per cent worried about the economy.

He's aiming for that three per cent to six per cent who care about global warming, as if they're even open to voting for the Conservatives. What on Earth is he doing? And the thing is, he's not even promoting or proposing a particular plan. I don't know what his plan is — do you? That Globe story suggests he hasn't written it yet.

Oh, but there's no debating it. He hasn't written it yet, but when he does you're not allowed to debate it.

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