Ezra Levant: Critical race theory and diversity programs push antisemitism

Ezra Levant gives his take on how critical race theory and diversity, equity and inclusion programs are what's uniting antisemites, Islamists and communists against Israel.

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Since Hamas' October 7 terrorist attack against Israel, Canada has seen regular rallies across the country supporting the group, which governs the Gaza Strip. But actions haven't been limited to just protests, with Jewish-owned businesses being vandalized, schools having bullets fired into them and more.

And while the government was quick to act against protests against COVID lockdowns during the pandemic, the response has been largely limited — even after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backed calls for a ceasefire, one of the key demands from the anti-Israel protesters.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, the roles were reversed as David Menzies filled in as host for an interview with Ezra.

David asked Ezra his opinion on the strange alliance of Islamists, communists and antisemites uniting against Jews and Israel. With federal, provincial and municipal politicians failing to act, Ezra accused them playing a numbers game while critical race theory and diversity programs have infected other areas of the government:

I think two things here are at work. First of all, remember the city answers to a police commission which is basically associated with the city government. And you have, I would call her a communist, the mayor, Olivia Chow... she can do the math. You can add it up: there's about 200,000 Jews in the Greater Toronto Area and there's probably triple that of Muslim voters, and they can count.

That's why Trudeau's doing this.

But also, we know in the Toronto police they have had the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) project. So they've been colonized too. 

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