EZRA REACTS: Aussie man charged $5,000 for drinking coffee maskless

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A man in the town of Alice Springs, Australia was recently charged $5,000 for the absurd crime of drinking coffee without his mask on. It's a crime so ridiculous that if there wasn't a video proving it actually happened, it'd be hard to believe it was a real story.

Unfortunately, that's the state of the “free” world at current moment.

On a Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant shared his reaction to this insane act of policing:

First of all, how many cops were there? Four or five? And they seemed like they were ready to take on a gang or something, I think they were wearing bulletproof vests. I wouldn't say they were armed like SWAT, but that was some heavy policing there.

And Hayden [the “criminal”] — I don't think he was doing anything. It looked like they were stalking him for awhile. I think, right? Like they were following him around... Sometimes the people we see, they're provocateurs, you know, they're protesters, they're pushy or whatever. I think this guy was just walking with his coffee.

I just think this is so stupid.

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