Feds gave Chinese embassy heads-up of what Trudeau planned to say in Question Period

Feds gave Chinese embassy heads-up of what Trudeau planned to say in Question Period
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Trudeau's Liberal government gave the Chinese Embassy a heads-up regarding the content of the Prime Minister's expected comments to Parliament during a question period last spring.

The embassy allegedly “appreciated” being called by OPB (a division under Global Affairs Canada) before Trudeau addressed the House.

Weldon Epp wrote the following email to fellow staffer Pascale Massot, including “USS-DMA Advisors,” Emily McLaughlin and Shawn Steil on May 5, 2020:


Further to our call this morning, OPB spoke with the Embassy to provided a heads up, along the lines discussed. They appreciated the call and highlighted the Embassy spokesperson's comments on the matter of the 1 million masks: http://ca.chinaembassy.org/eng/sgxw/t1773358.htm

They appreciated the PM's response would be fact-based and expressed the hope that “China-related issues would not be cooked up”, while also warning that “at a time when we are working together on fighting the virus, this should not be a time to be pointing fingers”.


Steil, listed with the OPD designation, is listed as an Executive Director with Greater China Political and Coordination under Global Affairs Canada.

You can read the emails for yourself below.

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