Former CBC journalist: No questioning the narrative

Former 'As It Happens' science and medical journalist Trish Wood joined me to discuss how journalism has been impacted by censorship over the years.

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Trish Wood now runs a podcast called “Trish Wood Is Critical," after working with the CBC as a science and medicine journalist as well as hosting "The Fifth Estate."

Giving context to her background, Wood tells me that the coverage she did back when Anthony Fauci was managing the AIDS epidemic would not be possible today during COVID-19.

Back then, Wood was the “counternarrative – questioning all kinds of things that the NIH was doing. That kind of coverage of public health and public health bureaucrats was not only encouraged but it was celebrated. I don’t see any of that at all right now with COVID-19 and I don’t understand what’s changed.”

“It’s been a really traumatic time for me to watch how this is playing out,” Wood said when referencing doctors who are trying to treat patients and save patients' lives and are investigated or stripped of their license.

Having heard directly from those in legacy media, Wood tells me that “if they want to do anything that criticizes or questions or might bring up a debate about vaccine safety or efficacy, they are told they cannot do it because it might make people vaccine-hesitant. That is not what news reporting is about. If there are issues with the vaccine, let’s have a debate, lets's look at both sides, let's look at the data.”

When asked if this complacency with the widely accepted narrative could be due to Trudeau’s media bailouts or conflicts of interest, Wood gave her perspective that “the demise of legacy media happened before this. I think a lot of it has to do with collective group-think and ideology. I don’t know that for sure but I don’t have a rational explanation for people who are doing irrational things in a time of crisis and what is being done from a public policy stance and being covered by the legacy media who are supposed to hold the government accountable and ask hard questions, it’s irrational that they’re not doing that.”

“I’m persona non grata on this stuff because they don’t do the counternarrative kind of reporting now but they do need people that think differently than they do.”

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