Free Hong Kong activists hold peaceful rally in New York City

Free Hong Kong activists hold peaceful rally in New York City

Chinese-American protesters calling for the emancipation of Hong Kong from Chinese authoritarianism held a peaceful protest in New York City on Sunday.

Organized by New Yorkers Supporting Hong Kong, an NYC-based group supporting the democratic movement in Hong Kong, the “Delay No More, Democracy Now” protest took place in Times Square on Sunday. It drew a modest crowd of supporters, onlookers and journalists.

The pro-HK democracy group laid out signs with “Global Solidarity” and “Glory to Hong Kong” as protesters waved US and Hong Kong flags.

Organizers on Facebook told participants ;to disguise themselves in unidentifiable clothing to avoid identification by Chinese agents in the wake of China's crackdown on pro-democracy activists worldwide. Hong Kong's new National Security Law enables China to demand the extradition of Hong Kong citizens from countries with whom China has extradition treaties.

Under the Hong Kong law, actions determined to be a threat to the state’s national security, including “secession” and “subversion” provide China cause to extradite and arrest anyone who acts against the government. China has used the law to crack down on pro-democracy activists still living in Hong Kong and disqualify them from running for political elections.

China has since issued arrest warrants for six activists involved in the Free Hong Kong protests, including one US citizen.

“I woke up to media reports that I am a wanted fugitive,” said activist and US citizen Samuel Chu, the managing director of DC-based Hong Kong Democracy Council. “If I am targeted, any American/any citizen of any nation who speaks out for Hong Kong can and will be too. We are all Hong Kongers now.”

The Free Hong Kong protest in New York City is a stark contrast to the Antifa-driven riots across America that have seen the burning of a pig head and countless American flags. Last Friday, Antifa militants in Portland burned a Bible, sparking outrage on social media and alarm over the group’s real motives.

  • By Ezra Levant

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