High energy needed to steer us through the pandemic exit strategy

Committee calls on policy makers to work out kinks and inconsistencies and ramp up high energy pandemic exit plan.

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A few months ago the pandemic was declared effectively over by the Canada Science and Policy Committee.

At the time, the team of doctors, scientists and policy professionals put together a National Exit Strategy geared toward advising the government on how to effectively steer Canada out of the state of emergency and restore the pre-pandemic way of living.

In this update with co-founder Irvin Studin, he shares the need to repair the eight systems that his team identifies as being in crisis — COVID-19 public health, non-COVID-19 public health, business and the economy, education, institutions, national unity, social fabric, and international.

Studin calls on politicians to ramp up the energy and find out what’s happening on the ground in the country. “Democracy doesn’t work if we are elected and just tweet at the population. Much of Ottawa is still operating on Zoom. This is scandalously low energy for the second biggest country on earth,” he says.

“We need to raise the equilibrium and cannot do that by simply removing masks. We’re stuck in this strange purgatory in which some people have taken them off and some people will never take them off and some people are just confused because no one has told them to take [the mask] off. We forgot that the opposite of compulsory masking is saying ‘masks off please.’”

In referring to “social kinks” Studin elaborates that there needs to be an immediate end to the “Wild West of vaccination across the country” where some institutions are still imposing mandates and restrictions while others are not.

“The vaccine is strictly moot,” says Studin and its this low level living that contributes to the social perversion that would have been unacceptable in 2019.

“We need real thinking and energy,” from politicians. “They must do the work and they are the ones that made the mistakes in collapsing the systems and they are the ones that need to unwind and reconstitute [the systems].”

Studin further notes that many politicians do not realize what is happening on the ground. “In many cases, they don’t even understand the chaos that is happening in the vaccine theatre.”

Putting blame on the shoulders of leaders, Studin calls on them to unwind society out of the mania and social chaos that they’ve caused.

Bringing back all in person systems is a key requirement to getting back to normal, from medical to education to work.

“Nothing will happen from just wearing masks and vaccinating… we need high human energy. Education is central. We cannot have a country if we do not educate our young and we must concentrate on the young who we’ve betrayed over the last two years.”

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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