How Pink Shirt Day is transitioning into just another Pride Day

Today children across the nation have been encouraged to show up to school wearing pink to stand up against bullying — but has the Pink Shirt Day movement been hijacked by a SOGI agenda that encourages them to stand in solidarity with sex activism instead?

How Pink Shirt Day is transitioning into just another Pride Day
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With 20 LGBTQ+ visibility and awareness dates and three summer months deemed “Pride Season" by the Trudeau government, it’s likely unsurprising to some that the country’s long-standing anti-bullying day could be pivoting into a day focused on sex and gender activism instead.

For years, children across the country and now across the globe have been encouraged to participate in the anti-bullying day, which is more commonly referred to as “Pink Shirt Day,” and today is no exception.

The well-received movement  which typically takes place on the last Wednesday of February in Canada  began in 2007 after two Nova Scotian teens organized a 'wear a pink shirt' protest in support of a grade nine boy who had been bullied by their peers for wearing pink.

However, critics of modern practices on the day of activism believe that the original, inclusive message of standing against all forms of bullying has shifted into a day to encourage kids to stand in solidarity with a 2SLGBTQIA+ agenda instead.

Kari Simpson, the president of Culture Guard, a non-profit organization that specializes in parental rights advocacy, is one advocate who has been speaking out about such concerns by sharing online posters outlining some examples of why the organization is even calling for parents to “boycott Pink Shirt Day” for their kids altogether.

In one of the shared examples, parents can get insight into the types of “ideas and activities” western Canada’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) program has encouraged school educators to have students engage in for Pink Shirt Day.

At the top of the list is the recommendation to guide children to do “rainbow chalk-in activities” where they can write “Pink Day messages” on top of the Pride symbol. The next suggestion is to have the students lead a Pink Day assembly that explains the origin of Pink Day and “the role students can play in challenging homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of discrimination.”

The SOGI guide goes on to recommend different sex and gender lesson plans that can be taught, and for educators to request that their school’s librarian make sure that “books that challenge gender stereotypes” be put on display, much like they are during the full month of June in many schools.

“Culture-jacking is one of the tactics used by sex activists to insert their political propaganda into our schools, communities, and culture,” Simpson told Rebel News when asked what she believes parents should be aware of. “Pink Shirt Day is just one example of how the sex activists hijacked a movement to bring awareness to bullying. A once-popular and respected campaign has now been turned into a day of PRIDE political spin and propaganda,” she added.

Last September, Culture Guard leaked a Zoom video recording that exposed how several labour activists plotted to undermine and intimidate parental rights protesters who were planning to peacefully protest in a 1 million march for children against sexual agendas such as radical gender ideology being taught in schools.

What followed the release of the video, which went viral, was one of the largest parental rights movements in Canadian history, with over 90 cities represented in the protests, some of which were also met with counter-protesters, including activists in teachers’ unions who deemed the movement as hateful.

According to Simpson, “sex activists in teacher unions, like the BCTF, ensure classrooms are filled with PRIDE flags, rainbow stickers, and stories about LGBTQ activists.”

The Government of Canada appears to have adopted a similar 2SLGBTQIA+ first approach to Pink Shirt Day as that of SOGI’s. In a statement written by former cabinet minister, MP Bardish Chagger, on the country’s official website, Pink Shirt Day is described as an “opportunity to renew our commitment to diversity and inclusion by combating all forms of discrimination that fuel bullying and violence, which many LGBTQ2 youth continue to face.”

Chagger adds that “by wearing a pink shirt on this day, we stand in solidarity with LGBTQ2 communities in Canada and everywhere, as we continue to promote an equitable society where everyone is free to be their true authentic self.”

So, what should you do if you’re a parent that just discovered that unbeknownst to you, Pink Shirt Day at your kid's school may not be what you thought it was?

RH Media Standing 4 Children’s Ronnie Herman, who served as a school educator with the Vancouver School Board for over 15 years and now helps parents advocate for an indoctrination-free education for their child, says parents who have concerns should take a hands-on approach in educating both themselves and their child about Pink Shirt Day. “Engage in an open dialogue with your child to discuss what they have learned” and what “their thoughts and feelings about the day” are Herman recommended in a statement to Rebel News.

Herman further suggests that parents inquire whether their child participated in any special activities, heard from any special speakers, or participated in other activities that are not routine, such as hearing stories, songs, or engaging in Pink Shirt Crafts, and if so, ask if their child has any questions about what they saw or heard.

“Approaching these topics with your child in a thoughtful and open manner can help foster understanding and promote their own uniqueness, family values, and beliefs in their school community,” added Herman.

At Rebel News, we continue to bring you important reports about what many parents don’t know is taking place behind their child’s school doors. If you would like to find more reports like this or donate to help us cover the costs involved in publishing such information, please go to our dedicated website called

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