Hundreds of entry-level employers closing retail stores under Trudeau's shut-down

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The last two weeks have been a massacre in the retail sectors as shopping in much of Canada is limited to those big box retailers deemed “essential” by the government.

Health bureaucrats and politicians picking and choosing winners and losers during the Wuhan virus lockdown has resulted in mass bankruptcies, stories closures and layoffs.

Nandos Restaurants is closing 21 locations across Canada as their eat-in restaurants were closed by the government amidst the pandemic.

Canada Goose is laying off 125 staff.

Women’s wear retailer, Reitman's, is filing for bankruptcy.  Founded In 1926, pre-Great Depression, Reitman’s is restructuring, putting 6800 Canadian jobs at risk.

Victoria's Secret is closing 250 stores in North America, including 13 of 38 stores in Canada. Bath and Body Works, owned by the same parent company as Victoria's Secret, is closing 50 stores across North America.

Pier One is closing all 540 of their stores in North America — a number that included 50 Canadian locations.

Canadian Footwear giant Aldo is closing 300 stores, and legacy Canadian chain Army and Navy will also never re-open.

All this economic devastation is unfolding because governments arbitrarily decided that hand soap, underwear, office appropriate slacks, shoes, fast fashion, ready to serve roast chickens and cheap and cheerful housewares were only safe to buy at Walmart and Costco over the past two months. Those two retailers and a select few more were the only ones the government felt possessed the capabilities to follow new distancing and sanitization protocols. It’s outrageous and unfair. 

Entry level jobs, the stepping stones to future careers, are being vaporized by the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. The loss of these jobs will hobble the financial futures of a generation of Canada's young people, denying them the ability to earn the life and job skills they need. 

And for what? 81 per cent of the deaths due to the coronavirus in Canada have been in nursing homes. It’s not the young healthy people who do this retail and restaurant work who are getting sick.

It’s time to let our business owners earn a living for their own families and create more jobs for those who should not be forced to survive on Trudeau’s $2,000 monthly stipend of Chinese virus welfare. Every Canadian deserves the dignity of a job. 

At Rebel News, we know all jobs are essential. Help us remind the government and sign our petition at

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  • By Ezra Levant


It’s more important than ever to hold Trudeau to account during this crisis — and we need your help.

  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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